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BTB Domain Database
This database catalogs BTB proteins found in 17 fully sequenced eukaryotic genomes. This database was the source for the analysis presented in the artcile "Sequence and structural analysis of BTB proteins." Stogios PJ, Downs GS, Jauhal J, Nandra S and Privé GG, Genome Biology, 6:R82 (2005)

Protein sequences and annotation information can be retrieved by searching by keywords or protein architecture (searching by gene or protein names, alternate names, or domain content), search by BTB ID (each gene encoding a protein with a BTB domain was given a unique identifier), search by sequence (query sequence is matched with our database via BLAST), or search our family of BTB-specific HMM's (to identify which subfamily your BTB domain falls under).

More information on database construction information here.

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